Inter Pixel Arts
Based in Canada

Founding date:
March 8th, 2016


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241 N 250 E - POB 454 Raymond, AB T0K 2SO Canada



Inter Pixel Arts is an independent mobile game studio based in Canada, taking its first steps onto PC and other platforms. Block Survival: Legend of the Lost Islands is the result of experience over dozens of different games with millions of downloads on Android. The project is made by Team Beard, a team of six sentient beards with humans attached to them. The humans have no say in development and do as their beard overlords command.


The Survival Games Block Island era

In the beginning, there was a small indie studio that made fast paced action blocky First Person Shooters for Android. The success of these games allowed Inter Pixel Arts to grow, expand, and start to experiment on other types of games and prototypes, because evolution, well, it is only natural! One of these prototypes brought together game designer Tom Bagstevold and project manager Greg Vulgaris with a mission to bring this game to life for Android. As the project grew, so did the team: Programmer John Delvalle and artist Juan Carlos Rosales joined the party, and so Team Beard, a small group within Inter Pixel Arts, was born. The first version of our game was called Survival Games Block Island, and it was released on Android in 2016.

The new goal: Block Survival: Legend of the Lost Islands

Even though the team succeeded in its initial goal, the whole project felt "bigger" and seemed to have much more potential. Inter Pixel Arts decided to take its first steps onto PC and other platforms, using Survival Games Block Island as a vessel. Team Beard started working on an upgraded version of their mobile game, coming up with a new prototype completely bigger and richer in content and gameplay mechanics. Once again, the new needs that emerged required new people to join in: Programmer Nima Ledgard and 3D Artist Carlos Torres Mendoza came along to complete the six man team and thus, Block Survival: Legend of the Lost Islands, Inter Pixel Arts' first non-mobile game in the history of mankind, became reality.

Moving forward

Block Survival: Legend of the Lost Islands in running its Steam Greenlight campaign at the moment, and there are plans for an initial release around May/June 2017. Our greater plan is releasing this game in various platforms if possible, including Amazon Fire TV and Nintendo Switch. Also, we are planning on constantly improving and moving forward with the game -we already have new exciting stuff on the making.



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