Patch Notes v1.0.6


  • Possible fix of dissapearing hearts.
  • General optimization of the game (ongoing process)

  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: (If your hearts are already messed up and the fix doesn't corect them probably you will have to start a new game to fix the issue we are really sorry for the inconvenience, it was a difficult bug :'C )


    Main Character
  • Texture should now look fine and not blurry Yay! we don't need glasses!

Patch Notes v1.0.5


  • Fixed some instances where enemies were not dying properlyNo more invincibility for you enemies
  • Fixed incorrect starting player level
    IMPORTANT NOTICE: (If your save started at level 65 you will have to start a new game to fix the issue we are really sorry for the inconvenience)


  • Glock ironsights adjusted properly

Patch Notes v1.0.4


  • Finally for our blocky friends that use Linux, Block Survival is available for you too!.
  • General

    • Chest colliders tweaked so that players can't get stuck on the lid
    • Fixed a bug on the shop that let players spend more money than they had making the gold cubes a negative number. The store guy will no longer give loans xD
    • Fixed a possible exploit that allowed you to upgrade to max level a weapon for the price of a level 0. The store guy will no longer have hidden discounted prices xD

    User Interface

    • Added Field of View slider
    • Added an small "tab" text on the keyboard mapping window to make the cycle item button clearer.


    • Grenades now explode on impact with explosive barrels and Cpt.Boom's jetpacks

    Patch Notes v1.0.3


    • Hunger system completely revamped, it should now be a significant mechanic, losing importance at higher levels
    • Reworked the leveling system, particularly the progression on the recoil and reload time was erratic, and the max ammo was reaching absurd values. Also adapted to the new hunger system.

    • IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you already have a save, your save will be updated to the new leveling system whenever you load your checkpoint. You will retain your level and experience but with the stats from the new system, as a result, the weapon upgrades will be reset and your goldcubes will be refunded, but you can always go back to the shop and upgrade them again. This will only happen once on the first load. We're sorry for the inconvenience this might cause. If this is your first time playing this won't affect you.

    User Interface

    • Added Scrollbars to recipes and weapons lists.
    • Added Notifications when leveling with information about the level reached and stats gained


      King of Island Kings
    • General difficulty increased, All boss "stages" have now increased Health Points.
    • Added a second stage for the Final Boss after defeating his first form.
    • Final boss will now spawn powerful minions from other worlds.

    • Please continue giving us feedback so we can make the experience of playing more enjoyable.

    Patch Notes v1.0.2


    • Fixed player movement when climbing a ramp could cause inconsistent behavior.
    • Fixed wood armor recipe to show the materials properly.


    Jurassic level
    • Fixed weird nav-mesh. Now the AI shouldn't be flying like superman


    • Burning damage per second increased from 10 to 30
    • Added Crosshair when zooming with these weapons:
      -Fire Bow
      -Ice Bow
    • Adjusted zoomed position of these weapons:
      -Grenade Launcher
      -MG Sniper
      -Hunting Rifle
      -AUG Sniper
    • Adjusted zoomed FOV of these weapons:
      -MG Sniper
      -Hunting Rifle
      -AUG Sniper
      -Sniper Barret 50
    • Disabled Ironsights on the Cube Gun

    Patch Notes v1.0.1


    • Chests and missions now get reset on game completion
    • Increased gold cubes despawn timeout from 15 to 60 seconds.
    • Increased the radius the player uses to collect items from 1.4 to 2 meters
    • Fixed a bug where players could get stuck trying to collect a recipe scroll

    User Interface

    • Text Notifications now scale correctly with different resolutions.


    • Axe pendulum and saw trap now only cause 70 damage on impact, down from instakill
    • Spike trap damage lowered
    • Mario style stomp-wall trap and fire trap unchanged
    Jurassic level
    • Checkpoints updated
    • Increased thickness of a doorway's navigation mesh obstacle
    • Put one door sound in the mixer
    • Made invisible colliders ignore raycast
    • Removed underwater fog in "magic" pond in cliffs for better visibility


    • Upgraded bows with projectile count, they now shoot all the arrows with the same force.
    • Fixed some instances where assigning weapons to slots wasn't saving properly.