Sell me your game in one sentence.

You can craft an ice thrower to freeze a T Rex rock solid before smashing him to pieces with the legendary Thor's hammer MjĂžlnir, before upgrading your WWII Luger to set fire to the pirates you're currently shredding with your automatic turret.

spiral_bullet Sold. Where can I get it?

The game is planed to be launched on a wide range of platforms, but the current confirmed platforms is PC and the Amazon FireTV.

spiral_bullet When is this game going to be released?

The game is going to be released in May 2017!

spiral_bullet What are the minimum requirements for the game on PC?

Your potato could run it!

spiral_bullet What genre would you say the game is?

The game is a bit of a mix. It's a first person shooter, but it's also a survival game, but it's also an exploration and adventure game with an interesting story. If you want, you can call it an "aggressive survival FPS."

spiral_bullet Wait... Who is answering these questions?

The sentient beard attached to the lead game designer's face!

spiral_bullet Who made this game? It looks awesome!

Thank you! Team Beard is a small six man team in the indie company Inter Pixel Arts. We are an experimental part of the company, pioneering the way for the company's first PC and console game. We work as all indies do, from our kitchen tables fueled exclusively by ramen, coffee, and anxiety.

spiral_bullet Who is Inter Pixel Arts?

Inter Pixel Arts is an indie game company specializing in blocky mobile games! If you've played a blocky mobile FPS, we probably made it!