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Block Survival: Legend of the Lost Islands

Dig deep into a survival FPS where it is safer to fight than hide!
Why waste time building shelter when you can
forge a razor sharp katana?


Your weapons are your tools!

Craft over 40 different weapons from assault rifles
to ice throwers and destroy the enemy with a
varied and impressive arsenal!


Your bullets are your shelter!

Don't hide away; take the fight to the enemy and fight your way
to survival across unique landscapes from deserts
to icy wastelands!



Blast and slash your way through a colorful cast of Vikings,
dinosaurs, samurai, modern commandos
and even weirder enemies!


Blocky immersive artstyle

Lose yourself in exploring a blocky artstyle redesigned to bring the style forward,
and enjoy the colorful and expressive enemies
standing in your way!


Explore a mysterious supernatural setting

As the lone survivor of a playcrash, discover the deep mystery that
allows people to come, but never leave.
Find a way to free yourself as you fight captives from
different historical periods!



Media and gamers across the world giving their opinion.

“Block Survival is set apart by it's ability to suck you into it's mad world. I am here for entertainment, and this game adds so much entertainment to my life. I am really happy and very impressed with what the developer's done so far. Great arcade fun!”

“BS:LotLI extracts some of the best components from the FPS, survival, and adventure genres of gaming. Nostalgic mechanics will remind you of Max Payne, Mario, and Minecraft alike. Control and movement refinement, although intangibles, are a glowing aspect of this demo.”

“Block Survival is a super fun game which combines an action packed fps game and a survival one with all the weapon and item crafting. It's blocky aesthetics are cute and feels like an oldschool game. LOVED IT!"